Rome: The Eternal City and the Holy See

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ROME – a city with innumerable faces
Rome is legendary. Be it the “Eternal City” or the “Centre of
the World” – these are not exactly modest titles the Italian metropolis has taken on for itself, thereby emphasising its world-historical significance. The places of interest in Rome, a unique city with the art and culture of a three-thousand year-old history, can hardly be captured in a single visit: the Vatican with St. Peter’s Cathedral and St. Peter’s Square, the Spanish Steps, the Catacombs, the Colosseum, the Forum Romanum or the busy amusement district of Trastevere, to name but a few.

VATICAN – the world’s smallest and most influential state
The Vatican is actually a hill in the west of Rome and covering an area of only 44 hectares,
the smallest sovereign state in the world. One of the Vatican’s central buildings is St. Peter’s Cathedral. It stands on the ruins of a former church, which was constructed by the Roman emperor Constantine the Great in the 4th century. St. Peter’s Cathedral, the second largest Christian church in the world, is the central shrine and pilgrimage site of the Roman-Catholic Church. For all those interested in culture, the Vatican Museum, the earlier residence of
the popes, is definitely worth a visit.

Travel suggestion:
Day 1: Arrival
Day 2: Participation in the papal audience and tour of “Christian Rome”
Day 3: Tour of “Ancient Rome” and musical participation in a Holy Mass in St. Peter’s Cathedral
Day 4: Tour of “Classical Rome” and concert/performance of your choir or orchestra
Day 5: Return journey
(Shortening or lengthening of the journey is possible.)


  • Specialised organisation of concerts and other performances of your choir or orchestra
  • Accommodation with half-board (breakfast and dinner) in the hotel of the desired price category
  • Tours: ancient Rome, classical Rome and Christian Rome
  • Visit to St. Peter’s Cathedral
  • Free accommodation for the conductor

Additional services:

  • Bus rental for local transfers and excursions
  • Visit to the Vatican Museum
  • Visit to the Colosseum
  • Visit to the Catacombs
  • Participation in an audience with the Holy Father