Koblenz & Rüdesheim: In the Rhine-Mosel Paradise

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KOBLENZ – between Mosel and Rhine
The Romans founded the city between 10 and 8 BC. Kings, emperors, knights, bishops and elector princes lived here and created many monuments to themselves. Today, cosy corners and squares vie for the visitors’ attention with proud former royal courts and townhouses as well as time-honoured churches and in particular the Deutsche Eck.

RÜDESHEIM – with its world-famous Drosselgasse
The city’s origins reach back to the time before the Romans. Here, nature and history have left behind rich treasures. Old streets, wonderful vineyards, castles, ivy-covered ruins and magnificent half-timbered houses warmly invite the many visitors.

LORELEY – a German legend
On the right side of the Rhine, above the town of St. Goarshausen, the Loreley Rock rises up. The narrowness of the valley, the wild current and the mysterious echo have led to the legend of the blonde girl on the rock. Her appearance and her song were so enchanting that sailors looked up to the Loreley and sailed into the dangerous reefs and rocks of the Rhine.

COCHEM – the Mosel paradise
The district town of Cochem is located on the exit of an over 20m long Mosel bend. It is the tourist centre between Trier and Koblenz. The town’s “landmark” is the Cochem Castle, which was built around 1000 AD. Also worth visiting are the baroque town hall, the Martinsbrunnen, St. Martin’s Church and the many well-preserved half-timbered houses.

Travel suggestion:
Day 1: Arrival
Day 2: City tour of Rüdesheim and boat trip to the Loreley Rock
Day 3: City tour of Koblenz and concert/performance of your choir or orchestra
Day 4: Cochem and return journey
(Shortening or lengthening of the journey is possible.)


  • Specialised organisation of concerts and other performances of your choir or orchestra
  • Accommodation with half-board (breakfast and dinner) in the hotel of the desired price category
  • City tours of Koblenz, Cochem and Rüdesheim
  • Free accommodation for the conductor

Additional services:

  • Bus rental for local transfers and excursions
  • Boat trip to the Loreley Rock
  • Visit to the Ehrenbreitstein fortress
  • Wine tasting
  • Excursion to TRIER, Germany’s oldest town, with city tour