Gdansk: Past and Present

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GDANSK – the “Cradle” of Solidarnosc
Gdansk has experienced a turbulent development. For almost seven centuries, people from Germany, Poland as well as immigrants from many other countries lived here together; not always free of conflict, but always proud of the jointly created cultural landscape on the eastern Baltic Sea.

MASURIA – land of a thousand lakes and one of the last pristine regions in Europe
The Masurian Lake District, the secretive land of dark forests with its bodies of water and moors, the wide hilly fields, the flowering meadows and the dreamy villages with their storks’ nests, offers an impressive vision of tranquillity. Proud castles and beautiful gothic brick churches form the small towns and villages. Towns such as Allenstein, Malbork or Elbląg are testament to
the country’s turbulent history.

ELBLĄG CANAL – a technical marvel
Built by the engineer Steenke over 100 years ago, the Elbląg Canal connects Elbląg and Ostróda. The canal lost its economic importance a long time ago. However, its attraction for tourists is as strong as ever. The ships are transported five times on the rails and raised up to
a height of 100 m. The boat trip from Elbląg to Ostróda takes approx. 7 hours.

Travel suggestion:
Day 1: Arrival
Day 2: City tour of Gdansk and excursion to Sopot
Day 3: Visit to Malbork Castle and concert/performance of your choir or orchestra
Day 4: Trip around Masuria
Day 5: Return journey
(Shortening or lengthening of the journey is possible.)


  • Specialised organisation of concerts and other performances of your choir or orchestra
  • Accommodation with half-board (breakfast and dinner) in the hotel of the desired price category
  • City tour of Gdansk
  • Visit to Malbork Castle
  • Tour guide for trip around Masuria
  • Free accommodation for the conductor

Additional services:

  • Bus rental for local transfers and excursions
  • Boat trip on the Elbląg Canal